You’ve Heard of it Before but Where is it?

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Finding parks and public spaces in La Paz can be a daunting task.  Events are held all over the city any given day but getting there can be a problem. Here are just a few public spaces where events are commonly held or places to just check out in your free time.
*Jardín Velasco: The public square by the cathedral is between 5 de Mayo and Independencia, and between Madero and Revolución. Site of performances and Lotería (Mexican bingo games).
*Parque Cuauhtémoc: across from the Malecón at the foot of Bravo Street. Site of tourism office, crafts cooperative and the former skateboard park.
*Parque Revolución (also called Plaza de los Músicos): across from Chedraui Palacio on Felix Ortega between Bravo and Rosales.
*Kiosko on the Malecón: It’s at the foot of 16 de Septiembre on the Malecón and it’s the site of many public outdoor events. The dock nearby is called the Muelle Turístico.
*Muelle Fiscal (also sometimes called Muelle Turísitico): It’s the wide dock with the watchtower on the Malecón across the street from the Callejón Ignacio Bañuelos Cabezud with its centrepiece of three “seashell musicians.” It’s between Burger King and Hotel Perla.
*Muelle at the foot of 16 de Septiembre: It’s the narrow dock that catches a delicious breeze at sunset. Some maps call it the Muelle Turístico (but the other muelle is sometimes called that, too). It’s on the Malecón at the foot of 16 de Septiembre, close to the kiosko that is the site of many events.
Looking for other places to visit or the venue for a particular event?  Check out the webpage Roz In La Paz at for more information.
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