XI Classic Car Festival and Parade May 19th and 20th, 2012

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In conjunction with the 477 Anniversary of the La Paz Founding Festival
Manuel Amarillas Vanegas
The first Classic Car Festival and Parade came to life in 2002 in conjunction with the La Paz’s Founding Festival with the hopes of enriching the program of the cities festival with something unique. The car shows goal has also been to bring the sport of automotive recreation and restoration to both tourists and local families in a healthy and friendly environment.
Today it is a reality and a tradition here in the capital of BCS. The car show is firmly a part of La Paz’s Founding Festival. We have celebrated a decade together, the Classic Car Festival and Parade and Founding Festival, and thanks to the XIV City Government of La Paz and the Municipal Department of Culture, Cultural Institute of Baja California Sur and the unconditional support of enthusiastic participants, sponsors from numerous local businesses as well as the owners of classical cars, we will be celebrating year XI.
Not one of the previous years events has been the same. Proof of that exists in the category of “Car of Year”, where not one car has been a repeat winner in the now 10-year event. Winners have also represented all corners of Baja California Sur including Loreto, Cd. Constitucion, La Rivera and Cabo San Lucas.
The history of winners since the spring edition of the first Classic Car Festival starts in 2002 with Eduardo Van Wormer Ruiz from La Rivera, BCS and his Ford Sedan 2 door, Model “A” 1929. In 2003, we celebrated a Ford Pick-up Model “A” 1931 and owner Cesar Scholnick. In 2004, Alfonso Jaime Tabasco won the award with his Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967, 1st edition. In 2005 we saw a Porshe 911 S/C 1970, European Sport with owner Roberto Ortega Wheler.
In 2006 Roland and Wendy Bellerive of Loreto, BCS won with their Graham-Hollywood 1941; they only made 800 of this model and it was a treat to see. 2007 we enjoyed a Ford Mustang 2+2 fastback 1965 with owner Martín Guluarte Ceseña. 2008 saw a Chevrolet pick-up 1949 with Juan Ojeda of Cd. Constitución, BCS as the winner. 2009 we celebrated a Plymouth deluxe 4 door with owner Eduardo Reyes of Cabo San Lucas. 2010, Raymond Novelli won with his Ford deluxe 1941 Convertible and in 2011, when we celebrated the 10th anniversary, the winner was a Ford Big-Job 1956 belonging to Orlando Ojeda of Cd. Constitución.
The Spring Classic and Antique Auto Show will take place on May 19th and 20th on the Malecon in conjunction with the 477 Anniversary of the La Paz Founding Festival. Six different categories will be judged. For more information, contact Manuel Amarillas at (612) 125-3306, cell 141-8554 or by e-mail at hector_manuel_amarillas@msn.com

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