World Cup Big Blue FreeDiving In La Paz, Baja

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Event organizer and Mexican national record holder, Estrella Navarro Holm, is pleased to announce the Big Blue Freediving competition will be hosted by La Paz November 1st to the 9th.

25 world-class athletes will descend on the capital of BCS to take part in the first ever Big Blue Freediving Competition. There will be 5 days of competition in free immersion (FIM), constant no-fins (CNF) and constant weight (CWT). Athletes will be free to choose what discipline to participate in. There will be 1 day of official training and another day of freediving with whale sharks.

Freediving is a sport of breath hold diving where a diver descends on a single breath of air. Unlike scuba divers, free divers do not use oxygen tanks. They simply take a deep breath and dive to the darkened depths of the world below. There are just over 5000 freedivers in the world.

The beginning of November is the best time to dive in Baja: the weather conditions are perfect and the waters are warm and transparent. Divers will be testing their limits in the waters just off of Isla Espiritu Santo.

Inaugural attendees will include Alexey Molchanov and Carlos Coste.

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