Why Choose La Paz?

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By Heather Borquez

With all the choices out there, especially in the Baja, which is a magical and spectacular place on its own, the question still remains, why choose La Paz?  What makes La Paz so desirable to live for the increasing number of North Americans each year?

For me, there is no comparison, simply none.  La Paz is a small and funky, authentic Mexican city with all the services, hospitals, universities, government offices, stores, shops and restaurants that one could wish for.  Best of all, it is a functioning city that welcomes foreigners but that also carries on with or without us.  In other words, it is not a town built just for us, just for tourists, as most of the tourist towns are. Quite the opposite.  La Paz is built for the paceños by the paceños and lucky the foreigner that lives here.  We just fit right in… and become part of the fabric of the community.  That is perhaps my favorite reason for living here, other than the incredible beauty of the place – the sea, the sunsets, the birds, and the flowers… the mountains! 

La Paz boosts 5 universities, 5 hospitals including the new Salvatierra hospital and very good private hospitals including Fidepaz (CEM) and Centro Medico.  La Paz has doctors, dentists, laboratories, vets, services, Walmart and box stores including Home Depot, Office Depot and Sam’s Club. We have movie theatres and a city theatre to host national orchestras and dance troops.  

And restaurants… my goodness! There must be 3 restaurants on every block. La Paz also has a charming and vibrant organic market on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. Filled with delicious offerings (pastries, lasagnas, organic chicken, breads and cheeses), it is not to be missed. There are coffee shops, a bagel shop and a bakery all close by. The organic market is on the corner of Revolucion and 5 de Mayo at Jardin Velasco.

SPORTS!!  La Paz is becoming a sports mecca and has a sport for everyone.  Kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, boating, diving, and of course swimming.  La Paz hosts numerous sporting events every year… from Ironman, marathons, various triathlons, golf tournaments, NORCECA beach volleyball, to L’Etapa by Tour de France, La Paz can do it all and has it all!  Cycling paths along the malécon … walking, hiking, jogging, camping in the Sierras, ATVing, mountain biking.  It is hard to find time for it all.  Oh and don’t forget, the Baja 1000 and the various car races that take place in and around La Paz.

La Paz is also home to 2 18-hole golf courses. The golf course at Costa Baja has reopened and is welcoming visitors. Stunning course and pay as you play. Similarly there is a very nice course on the El Mogote peninsula, part of the Paraiso del Mar development. Again, pay as you play.

Golf El Mogote at Paraiso del Mar

The city can also boast that it is home to some of the most sought out after beaches in the world. The white sand beaches that line the malecon are convenient and great for paddle boarding, as are the beaches a little farther out including La Concha Beach, Caimancito, Coromuel, Tesoro and Pichilinque. Farther along, Balandra is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Tecolote and Pichilingue offer beach restaurants. Try the “chocolata” clams that La Paz is renowned for. Buses leave several times a day from the main bus station on the malecon for beaches.

There are several marinas in La Paz, the three largest being Marina de La Paz, Marina Palmira and Costa Baja. All of these marinas have good gate systems, 24-hour guards, and video cameras. All marinas monitor VHF Channel 16.

Theatre and art culture is expanding.  La Paz is home to the La Paz Museum of Anthropology and Natural History on the corner of Ramirez and 5 de Mayo. There is art at Jardin Velsaco on Saturday mornings and art at times along the malecon.  There are numerous art galleries, art exhibits and art supply shops in town, as well as classes offering watercolor, acrylic and oil.  Recent groups offer Spanish classes, horseback riding, horseback therapy workshops, writer’s workshop, yoga, jewelry making, ceramics etc.  Loads to do for those with time on their hands.

Volunteer opportunities are plentiful as well in La Paz.  Several organizations and non-profits are always looking for helpers. There are many groups here working with kids or senior citizens, animal rescue, environmental groups, schools, etc. You will find there are several ways to contribute to the community.

Perhaps the best thing of all about La Paz is the smiling and happy faces of all of its residents as they walk, jog and play along the malécon.  Every night, the families come out, and walk up and down with their children and older folks.

This small town is the closest thing I have found to heaven on earth… and I think you will agree with me.  It has a way of grabbing a piece of your heart and holding on.

Heather Borquez is a resident of La Paz and a realtor with Diamante Associates.  She can be contacted by email at heather@diamanteassociates.com or by calling 612 157 1984.