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By Kat Bennett

The new James Bond movie came out a while ago.  A real long time ago. My husband is a James Bond fan, and really wanted to go see it.  I couldn’t care less about James Bond – but Daniel Craig in various stages of undress?  Now THAT is worth a trip to the theater.  (Just kidding, Sweetheart!)

We decided to go see “Skyfall,” but didn’t know where it was playing or at what time.  Being a modern couple, we have access to the internet.  So finding out what movies are playing where and at what time should be the easiest thing in the world, just a few quick strokes of the keyboard, right?  Wrong!

A Google search quickly found all the movie theaters in La Paz.  Easy enough.  We went to the website for each theater to find out what times “Skyfall” was playing.  All’s well so far.  We picked a time and a theater – and that is when things started to fall apart.

It turns out that all the theaters in town list their locations on their websites, but they list their location by what mall they are in, not by their actual address.  And we have no idea what brilliant names the marketing geniuses came up with for all of the new malls in town.  That shouldn’t be a problem, though, right?  I mean, there are maps on the sites, right?  Easy peasy.  Or it would be, except that all the maps seem to be for La Paz, Bolivia, not La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

Okay.  So “Skyfall” is playing at 1 pm at Punto La Paz (whichever new mall that is), and at 2 pm at Paseo La Paz (whichever new mall that is).  We have no idea where the theaters are, the cinema websites give no street addresses, and the maps on the sites want us to travel to Bolivia.  But we’re a reasonably intelligent couple.  We can figure this out, right?  We can just go to the websites for each of the brilliantly named new malls and find the street addresses, right?  That would work.  If only the websites for the new malls had street addresses.  Which they don’t.  And if only the websites for the new malls didn’t have maps of Bolivia.  Which they do.

So, being the resourceful couple that we are, we took the next logical step.  We ordered pizza and watched “The Princess Bride” on DVD.

After the “Skyfall” fiasco, I asked a friend who always knows these things.  (Thank you, Gari-Ellen!)  It’s information I would like to share, in an attempt to save those of you wishing to see a movie some headaches.  Cut this section out and put it on the fridge, people.

Punto La Paz is the mall with the Mega store and on Abasolo.  The theater with the cushy chairs and table service (Platino) is there.

The Shoppes at La Paz is the mall with Liverpool.

Paseo La Paz is the mall with the new Soriana, out by Home Depot.

And the mall with the old Soriana?  It is on Forjadores and everyone just calls that Soriana. (Finally.  Something that makes sense.)

Happy theater-going, everybody!

Kathleen Bennett is co-owner of Allende Books, and a full-time resident of La Paz.  She normally writes a monthly book review called The Bookstore Kat for The Baja Citizen.  Head to www.allendebooks.com to read past columns.

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