What the Construction on the Malecon is all About

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In August of 2017, construction crew broke ground on the first phase of remodeling the malecon of La Paz. The malecon is a Spanish word that refers to a paved public walkway by the water.

The State Secretary of Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Transport (Sepuit), José Luis Escalera Morfín announced that the first phase of the renovation project would cost close to eight million US dollars. This phase is expected to be completed by December of 2017 and includes the expansion and remodeling of sidewalks, angled parking, underground utilities, fiber optics, and improvements to pedestrian areas and lightening.

Among some of the details that stand out from the first phase will be the remodeling and prioritization of parking and public spaces. As Escalera Morfín commented, the use of the malecon will be prioritized in the following order; for the use of people with disabilities, then pedestrians, cyclists follow and finally, drivers of motor vehicles.

The remodeled malecon will be reduced to single lane traffic only.

He also stressed that at the end of the first phase of remodeling the “golden zone” of the malecon, which includes Calle Antonio Rosales to 5 de Mayo, there will be no parking whatsoever on the malecon.

Another of the highlights of this first stage is the widening of sidewalks on the business side, which will go from measuring two and a half meters to four meters. The sidewalks will be the same level from Marquez de Leon Street until Guadalupe Victoria. They will be constructed with non-slip material so that athletes can carry out their activities without the risk of falling.

Business owners on the malecon will be able to take advantage of the wider sidewalk by having more space for tables and chairs. However, the municipality will be able to charge them more for using more of the sidewalk.

Business owners are also being asked to paint their establishments from a small selection of mute tones. Outdoor furniture out on the malecon for all businesses will be uniform. Also, all beer signage will be prohibited on the malecon.

But the state doesn’t plan on ending there. After the completion of this initial phase in December, state officials would like to continue construction for the next three years, which would include the waterside of the malecon.

 Although nothing has been approved and talks are ongoing, plans include building 20 to 30 yards of artificial beach. A small part of the artificial beach area would be home to a sports area with courts and seating for fans to watch beach volleyball and beach soccer.

The malecon of La Paz is its most treasured feature and a focal point for the way of life in the city. It stretches approximately three and a half miles, from Marquez de Leon to Playa Coromuel.

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