What is M.I.A.U. Gatito?

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Me Interesa Ayudar a Un Gatito (M.I.A.U. Gatito), A.C. is a non-profit association initiated by 5 professional women who share a love for animals. M.I.A.U. Gatito’s main objective is to contribute to the culture of respect for all life-forms, mainly cats. Our family, of over 15 volunteers and foster families work in four programs: Education, Adoption, Diffusion and Fundraising.

Since its inception, almost four years ago, M.I.A.U. Gatito has found forever homes for approximately 400 cats, with a success rate of 60%. With the help of our friends, volunteers and sponsors, we have been able to help heal, neuter and adopt stray cats.

In a combined effort to educate and raise funds for our association, in 2014 we held a photo contest and produced M.I.A.U. Gatito’s first (2015) calendar with the winning photos. The contest was a raving success, so we have continued with the annual photo contest and calendar; our 2018 calendar is under production and will be available in late November. If you would like to order a 2018 M.I.A.U. Gatito for a donation of 100 pesos, please contact Gari-Ellen at gari-ellen@bajacitizen.com.

Throughout the year, to celebrate Cat Respect Day (March 28), we hold a phrase contest and, as part of the commemoration activities for Remember Me Thursday (4th Thursday each September), we hold a drawing contest; both contests are geared towards our youngest audience. As we did in previous years, in November we will hold our 4th Annual Christmas Bazaar. Our volunteers are working hard knitting, sewing and creating all sorts of lovely things to donate, including things for you and your pets.

We are currently studying and getting prepared to start a trap-neuter-release (TNR) program in order to keep the stray cat population under control. One of our goals at M.I.A.U. Gatito is to build a Cat Attention Center at La Paz where we can concentrate our efforts, receive groups to share our knowledge and experience regarding cat well being, and continue working towards building a respectful world.

We are also involved in community spay and neuter programs for cats and dogs. Several times a year in different areas of the city, local Vegetarian will donate their time and help us control the pet population.

M.I.A.U. Gatito is constantly looking for more volunteers, friends and sponsors to help us, for without the selfless labor of our growing family, we could not have achieved so quickly our first milestones. If you would like to contact us or are looking for more information, please visit our Facebook page at MIAU Gatito Me Interesa Ayudar A Un Gatito.

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