What is Buen Fin?

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What is Buen Fin?


November and December are crazy months here in La Paz.  Christmas shopping seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year and while out running errands the past few days, I noticed people are already filling up their shopping carts with holiday goodies.

Speaking of goodies, you will definitely notice shoppers enjoying Buen Fin, as it has become one of the craziest retail weekends in the country.

The Mexican federal government, along with the private sector, has come up with the initiative called “Buen Fin” (Good Weekend), similar to Black Friday in the US in 2011. It took place over the weekend of November 13th-16th. Discounts of up to 60% were said to be available at participating merchants in 200 cities across Mexico.

Officials hope Buen Fin will boost domestic consumption for the holiday season and are using the marketing scheme to kick off Christmas shopping and the December shopping binge.

In La Paz, several businesses are hanging Buen Fin signs in their storefronts in hopes of luring shoppers inside. Box stores including Home Depot, Sears, Liverpool and Office Max are all offering discounts on merchandise including big screen TVs and computers.  Smaller retailers also promoted stiff discounts on selected merchandise.

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