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Welcome to our Fall edition of The Baja Citizen. The gang and I are back to work and will be publishing the hard copy version of the magazine monthly from November through May. Five editions will be filled with important news, culture events, real estate and lo­cal stories.

There is a lot new in La Paz this fall, including the inauguration of the newly remodeled malcon of La Paz.  Governor Carlos Mendoza Davies delivered the malecon to the community. He officially opened several public areas including the kiosk and pier at the end of 16 de Septiembre, the skate park in Cuauhtémoc Park, the BMX park in front of Marina Palmira as well as the outdoor exercise machines at El Molinito or the windmill. The waterfront has never looked this good and I truly hope that we all do what we can to keep La Paz clean and a healthy place to live.

Just a friendly reminder for those snow birds who are just returning to La Paz for the Winter months – there are no plastic bags available to carry out your groceries at the grocery stores.  You need to bring your own bags or buy one at checkout. People are getting use to it although it hasn’t been a smooth transition.

Due to renovations that are currently underway at Velasco Park, our mercados organicos have returned to their three original groups and are now at three different locations.   You can find one mercado organico y artesanal  on Constitución between Belizario Domínguez and Madero. The MOA group is on Rosales, right along the side street of Los Arcos Hotel and another group on Parque Franisco King at the very end of Madero and across from the El Molinito, the windmill, on the malecon.  All three offer fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts and other treats. Check them out and decide where you want to buy!

To keep up with all that is new, What’s Up In La Paz?! is home to upcoming events and news. You can check it out on page 32. If you have an upcoming event, please submit a short paragraph to me at gari-ellen@bajacitizen.com with all the important information so we can get the word out. If it is short notice, please feel free to post your event on the  What’s Up In La Paz?! group.

The Baja Citizen community magazine will continue with itspage thebajacitizen, as well as with on-line news at www.bajacitizen.com. News and events from around the city will be up­loaded daily, so please check frequently.