Vegans, Welcome to La Paz!

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By Ana Ortega

Restaurants in La Paz are enthusiastic to embrace the rise of vegan eating.

La Paz has welcomed vegan eating with open arms! So far, 26 different local restaurants have added at least one vegan option to their menu. For those who are not familiar with veganism, it is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet. This means a vegan dish doesn’t contain any animal derived ingredients such as eggs, dairy, or meat, but is instead based entirely on plants. There are many reasons driving the global uptick in self-identified vegans and worldwide celebration of vegan cuisine.

It’s no secret that meat comes at a very high price for the environment. Animal agriculture is one of the greatest causes of deforestation, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and pollution. What about the impact on one’s health? Degenerative health conditions including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease have been linked to diets laden with animal products and can often be reversed by embracing a vegan diet. For this reason, many physicians are recommending a plant-based lifestyle. Another motivation is the tremendous suffering endured by animals who are raised and killed for food in intensive agricultural production systems, which has led many to favor plants over animals at mealtime. For millions of people worldwide, these reasons (among others) have inspired their embrace of a vegan lifestyle and partake in the sheer deliciousness of foods based entirely on plants.

And what if you are not vegan? No problem, mi amigo! These dishes are for you, too. You’ll find that they are so delicious with the extra bonus of being cruelty-free and healthier than their non-vegan counterparts. Here in La Paz, you can embrace variety as you embark on your plant-based culinary adventures! There’s tasty vegan pizza at several different local restaurants including Barletta Pizza, Pizzabella, Prana, Pizza Party and Baja Bonita. These pizzas feature a variety of toppings and plant-based cheeses. Or how about savoring some falafel tacos made al pastor style with the traditional pineapple, cilantro and salsa on the top made by our friends at Capuchino Café? If you want to try traditional Mexican comfort food, stop by El Zarape, El Zarape Malecón or Los Magueyes. Want a hamburger or a sandwich? Go to El Paraje, Bagel Shop, BueyCup & Johnny Cat. In the mood for Italian food? Locos X La Pasta and Tiramisú have some great vegan options. And if you’re craving something super healthy, then visit 4 Estaciones, Doce Cuarenta Café, NIM,Nómada Organics, or Dulce Romero to get your fix.

Don’t hesitate and try the vegan options at the following restaurants and shops!

  • Baja Bonita
  • Capuchino Café
  • El Zarape Malecón
  • El Zarape
  • Velvet Café
  • Veggie Jates
  • Los Magueyes
  • Locos x la Pasta
  • El Paraje
  • NIM
  • Nómada Organics
  • Mamá Nalita tamales
  • Los Girasoles
  • Barletta Pizza Gourmet
  • Restaurante Prana
  • La Masa Panadería Artesanal
  • Pan D´Les Bakery
  • Bagel Shop
  • Tiramisu
  • Doce Cuarenta Café
  • Dulce Romero
  • Melón o Sandía
  • 4 Estaciones Comida Saludable
  • Restaurante Prana
  • Buey Cup & Johnny Cat
  • Jeon San
  • Cafebrería Camelbook
  • Pizzabella
  • Pizza Party
  • D’Garrafa Nevería
  • La Paz Farmers Market vendors: El Sapo Sabroso, El Pan Gabriel, Hummus de Dieguito, Laurimar, Productos del Huerto, The Green Shop and Diana Millán.

For your convenience, restaurants are all listed on Happy Cow (, which is a website that lists vegan and vegetarian options in cities around the world.

If you want to keep yourself updated about the new restaurants which are including a vegan option in their menu please follow in Facebook:


As Managing Director in Mexico for the Humane League,  a nonprofit organization that works to reduce the suffering of farm animals through online advertising, Meatless Monday campaigns, and corporate outreach,  Ana Ortega leads corporate outreach, strategic campaigns and all other program work in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. She has been an activist for the animals for 15 years, lives in La Paz and is the companion human of an evil bunny, a fat cat and 3 funny dogs.


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