Tourism Up in BCS Over the Summer of 2015

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  • A recent report in data seems to indicate the positive effectiveness in the promotion and marketing strategies of main tourist destinations in BCS.


The indicators of tourism activity recorded in the main tourist destinations in Baja California Sur at the end of the summer holiday period of 2016 show a positive trend compared with data from the same period last year, announced Genaro Ruiz Hernandez, the Secretary of Tourism for BCS.

The official said that from July 1st to August 15th, Baja California Sur received statewide a total of 353,000 visitors, generating an economic benefit in the amount of $196 million US in the form of lodging and average spending per day. These visitors represented a hotel occupancy rate of 73.9% statewide average, higher than the 65.5% percent recorded during the summer of 2015.

Ruiz Hernandez also reported data from each destination, separately. By far, the largest number of visitors were received by the Municipality of Los Cabos, with 279,000 visitors, which generated an economic impact of approximately $176 million US and represented a hotel occupancy rate of 75%, higher than the 70% recorded the previous year.

The secretary added that in La Paz during the summer months, 55,000 visitors were recorded, who generated an economic impact of around $15.9 million US with an average hotel occupancy rate of 68%, up from 54% which was recorded during the same time period in the summer of 2015.

Loreto, the surprise destination darling of BCS, went from a hotel occupancy rate of 31.9% in the summer of 2015 to 75% for the summer of 2016. 18,000 people visited Loreto over the summer and left approximately $4.8 million US.

Ruiz Hernandez stressed that these positive figures that are being reported by the state tourism sector are showing that strategies for promotion and marketing of the main destinations in BCS have been carried out effectively. Marketing and Promotion of the state has been a joint effort between the Secretary of Tourism, the Mexican Tourism and Promotion council (CPTM), the State Tourism Trusts, municipalities, agencies and chambers, as well as businesses in the private sector.

Finally, the Secretary of Tourism said that the continued promotion of the state will continue to strengthen and assured that this will be positively reflected in the short and medium term in greater social and economic benefits for the people of BCS.

Summer holidays 2016

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