Timely Response to the Rapid Growth of the City: Mayor Esther Ponce Beltrán

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  • Offices, parks, community centers for 45% of the population
  • Governor inaugurates new elementary school in Camino Real

La Paz has been steadily growing over the past 10 years and for the most part, the southend of the city, out past the state university UABCS, has seen the majority of new housing, new grocery stores and new residents.

Given this rapid growth that has taken over the capital city in recent years, the municipal government has felt they have given a timely response to all demands of society in this outlying area of La Paz. According to the Municipality, this growing area made up of several colonias now represents 45 percent of the population and in response, Mayor Esther Ponce Beltrán has increased municipal services to keep up with the demand.

Accompanied by State Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor, the La Paz mayor was on hand to open yet another new elementary school in the colonia of Camino Real. Currently, 10,000 families call Camino Real home. The mayor acknowledged the support she has been given by the federal and state government towards the trend of development of La Paz, has allowed her to increase urban infrastructure during her time as head of the municipal administration.

Because of the increase in urban infrastructure, the mayor feels they have been able to meet the demands of the population located southeast of the city. They have built alternative council offices in the colonia Camino Real as well as installing two centers for crime prevention and for service (in the colonias Diana Laura and Los Cardones). This administration has also constructed and rehabilitated public parks for a comprehensive approach to growth of the city.

As one of the largest efforts of the current administration, Ponce referred to the newly opened Municipal Arts Centre (Centro Municipal de las Artes), located in the colonia El Dorado, allowing for a new generation of citizens to learn and train in the arts, especially those in vulnerable circumstances. Therefore, she added, teachers and parents in the area are invited to see the new learning center as an aid in preparing students in this growing area of the city.

Ponce Beltran and Covarrubias Villaseñor recently attended the delivery of a new elementary school, which still remains nameless, in the colonia Camino Real, to help meet the growing demand for education in this large area of the capital.

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