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Youths remain one of the greatest assets that any community can posses and they are potentially the greatest investment for a society’s sustainable development and future. A community that allows a good percentage of youths to be misdirected, risks future viability and survival.
The State Government in BCS sees sport recreational facilities as a place of coexistence and familiar values to keep youth away from vices – said Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor during the inauguration of the newly-turfed soccer field in Nuevo Sol Park, behind the Municipality of La Paz administration building.
The soccer field is home to Club Pumitas A.C., La Paz’s well-organized children and youth soccer club.
Accompanied by his wife, María Helena Hernández de Covarrubias, the Governor also said that his government feels that through sport and the government’s rehabilitation of recreational sport spaces, youth will have a place to learn and grow and are far away from risk-taking behavior.
“We can see that within recreational spaces there are no vices. This soccer field is another place where youth can form an education and I know hundreds of stories of young professionals who have lived in sport and today, they are success stories, the pride and joy of their families and of their community.”
At the event Covarrubias Villaseñor also mentioned that the soccer field was completed with the help of the federal Secretary of Social Development.  11 turfed soccer fields have been opened in the state of BCS over the past year and 4 more fields will start construction this year.
For his part, Ramiro Serna Castillo, founder of Club Pumitas A.C. thanked the Governor for caring about youth and sport and promoting family values. He said that it is a great satisfaction for his institution to receive the turfed soccer field, being as 15 years ago when he arrived here there was no such place for sport, just dirt.  However, during that time he has still been able to have thousands of youth busy with the Pumitas sports program, working on their development and away from social problems.
The State’s Gimnasio de Usos Multiples (GUM) located on 5 de Febrero, is also under heavy renovation.  The sport facility is home to an Olympic size swimming pool, diving boards and platforms, a gym and dry land training facilities.  GUM is set to reopen the first week of June.

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