Three Levels of Government Needed to Control Fire in Todos Santos

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Three Levels of Government Needed to Control Fire in Todos Santos
Fire broke out in the Pueblo Magico of Todos Santos shortly after noon on Thursday, February 28th.  Todos Santos is located 50 miles south of La Paz.
The General Secretary of the Municipality of La Paz, Guillermo Beltran Rochin informed local media at a press conference held shortly after the blaze was contained that once the emergency call was received by municipal officials that there was a fire in the area of the palm tree orchards at the entrance of the town of Todos Santos, the La Paz Fire Department were sent out immediately to the scene followed shortly after by the military, Mexican Navy, CONAGUA, CFE, and the Los Cabos Fire Department, joining local volunteers.  With the collaboration of all groups involved, the fire was confined to a controlled area by 5:00 pm that afternoon.
Electricity had been shut off for the better part of the afternoon in the town and the highway between La Paz-Todos Santos blocked off to allow authorities and water trucks to arrive to the area in a timely and organized manner.
The first emergency phone call received by the Todos Santos Fire Department was just after 12 noon.
Beltran Rochin said he was asked by Mayor Esthela Ponce to attend to the situation personally and to coordinate all personnel at the scene, verify damage and lend support to those people affected by the fire.
At press time, it is still unknown what caused the fire but Beltran Rochin acknowledged that it could have been man-made. The blaze was hard to contain due to high winds. Approximately 10 hectares of land were affected in the area including 7 homes and a few businesses. 10 homes were evacuated and one person, male, was reported with first-degree burns.
A shelter was set up in the CECYT, for those who were evacuated and needed a place to go.
It the following days, the municipality of La Paz will be working with those families affected by the blaze with assistant programs.  Also, it was announced that an investigation into what caused the fire would be carried out by the Policia Ministerial (detectives) according to the law.
The population of Todos Santos was 5,148 at the census of 2010.