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The Governor with residents of Chametla.*When submitting to the town of Chametla the plans of the new park, the Governor recognized that the residents of the area are examples of organization as they worked together to achieve a common goal

The residents of the town of Chametla will have a decent, public park for recreational and family use, said Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor, who met with locals last week to present to them a draft of the project that was drawn up by the Port Authority (API BCS).

Accompanied by the Director of API BCS, Jesus Robles Gonzalez, the Governor said that this park was requested when it was a candidate for governor. At the inauguration of the first paved roads in Chametla, he made ​​a commitment to the community to carry out other projects of equal importance. Now the state government will soon have the resources to help construct a dignified public space that encourages positive relations between neighbors and family.

“This commitment to plan and build a dignified park for the community was made some time ago. We hope soon that the resources will arrive to build a place that you feel proud of. You are all involved in a place you love and can identify with. So today, we present to you the project that you helped plan and will enjoy in the future,” he said.

The Municipality of La Paz announced back in February of this year that construction would begin on a new Municipal Market in the town of Chametla, located between the city of La Paz and the town of El Centenario.

However, in order to do so, the public park of Chametla, which could be seen from the highway, was destroyed and some residents of the town were angry as they felt they were not consulted on the project. Construction of the public market has since been put on hold.

Covarrubias Villaseñor recognized that the citizens of the town of Chametla worked together as a community and organized and fought for what the majority of the residents wanted. He feels this project presented by API BCS to be what the community wanted and that the community can discuss the plans and consider what necessary changes need to be made.

He said that the state government looks at each rescued public space as a place to promote recreational activities and family life, so he asked the community to take care of it for the enjoyment of future generations.

On behalf of the residents, Margarita González Carrasco thanked Governor Covarrubias for his work, as the public park was the desire of the majority of those who live there.

“Governor, you have listened to us. We fought for this park and wanted it for our community. You gave us the opportunity to help in the planning process and help decide some aspects of the park. We recognize your willingness and desire to come to support a population that is so close to the capital, yet has remained forgotten for decades,” she added.

Finally, the head of API BCS, Robles Gonzalez mentioned that the project would have an investment of approximately 10 million pesos with the tendering process getting started in the next few days.

The new public park in Chametla will be equipped with a basketball court, an island playground and exercise area with shade, mobile stands, a beach volleyball court, restrooms, walkways, landscaping, lighting, a perimeter fence and module bathrooms among other things.

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