The Renovation of La Paz’s Community Sports Center, GUM, Complete

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With an investment of 14.7 million pesos, BCS Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor officially inaugurated the newly renovated Gimnasio de Usos Múltiples Emilio “Milo” Mendoza, or GUM, which it is most commonly referred too. GUM is the sports community complex in La Paz, home to the city’s only Olympic size swimming pool and complete gymnasium for gymnastics.
Accompanied by his wife and President of DIF María Helena Hernández de Covarrubias and the Mayor of La Paz Esthela Ponce Beltrán, the governor mentioned that the renovation of the GUM sports center is for the kids and youth of BCS, so that they have a safe place to learn and grow and are far removed from risk-taking behavior and social vices.
“This sports center has been the hotbed for great athletes that have worn the name Baja California Sur and Mexico on their uniforms.  Those athletes have made a great effort to stay away from what worries their parents most and that is from social vices.”
Before the Director of the Sudcaliforniano Institution of Sport Octavio, Molina Amarillas, the Administrator of GUM, María Helena Vildósola, trainers and parents, Covarrubias Villaseñor mentioned that the renovation of GUM counts on the rehabilitation of, and equipment for, the pool area including anti-slip floors, water heaters based on solar panels, stadium type seating, handrails, trampolines and paint and lighting for the diving boards.   The GUM sport facility is home to an Olympic size swimming pool, diving boards and platforms, a gym and dry land training facilities.
For his part, Ángel Armando Ojeda Domínguez, who is on the youth national dive team, thanked the state government on behalf of the athletes of GUM.  He said the renovation of GUM allows them to development in their sport and activities with pride in this hotbed of great athletes.
“Today is a very special day for us because we are witnesses to the commitment of you Mr. Governor for making this place better as it really is a home of champions. We are hundreds of kids, youth and adults who come here daily to prepare ourselves and to be better people,” Ojeda Dominguez said.
The State Government in BCS sees sport recreational facilities as a place of coexistence and of familiar values, which can be used to keep youth away from vices. Youths remain one of the greatest assets that any community can posses and they are potentially the greatest investment for a society’s sustainable development and future.
The administration has spent the better part of their first year in office renovating recreational sites across the state, including 11 turf soccer fields, with 4 more fields starting construction this year.
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