The Pelican Theatre’s Production of Love, Loss and What I Wore – January Dates Set

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Last season saw the Pelican Theatre’s successful production of Let’s Make a Scene: Three Short Comedies. This January, the Pelican Theatre is excited to be presenting the award-winning play Love, Loss and What I Wore, by sisters Nora and Delia Ephron.

DSC_8099Love, Loss and What I Wore has been a hugely popular show. At its Off-Broadway home in New York, it was the theater’s second-longest running show ever. Dozens and dozens of well-known actresses have been part of the rotating cast. It has been produced in a number of cities in the US and Canada, setting box-office records in both Los Angeles and Toronto. The show has been staged in over half-a-dozen countries besides the US and Canada, including Australia, France, Argentina, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Why has this play been so popular? Because everyone in the audience – men, women, young, old, svelte, voluptuous, high-fashion, no-fashion… everyone – will be able to relate to at least part of the play. Most of us will be able to relate, on some level, to all of it.

Artistic director of the Pelican Theatre, David Coxwell, says of the play, “When I first read the title, I thought I’d found a good theatrical striptease show. Imagine my surprise on finding a very funny and poignant play, where women of different ages and nationalities come together to share their journeys of self-discovery through their love/hate relationship with dress, style, and fashion.”

Actress Celia Devault plays several characters in the Pelican Theatre’s upcoming production. “When I first read this play,” Celia tells us, “I laughed a lot. There are so many comments that I can empathize with. I am certain that there will be something in this play that most people will find speaks to their experience.”

“Exactly,”agrees actress Kat Bennett, who plays Gingy in the upcoming show. “When I first read the play, some of the ensemble pieces had me laughing so hard I could barely stop. Those pieces seemed like they were taken straight from my life. There are also a few more serious monologues. Some of those had me blinking back tears.”

Actress Pam Pacarar, who – like Celia – plays several roles in the upcoming production, says she can relate to the play “…because I have experienced love and loss. And who hasn’t gone to their closet and had NOTHING to wear? And I look best in BLACK!”

When asked her reasons for being excited about the roles she plays in this production of Love, Loss and What I Wore, actress Jan Anderson says that after reading the script, she was hooked. “My husband Rick is really the actor in the family,” she tells us, “but he encouraged me to ‘Just Do It!’ I feel honored to be working with someone as professional as David Coxwell, as well as with the other delightful actresses. This play is a must-see!”

The cast and crew of the Pelican Theatre’s Love, Loss and What I Wore includes both men and women. Four different countries are represented; ages span a range of nearly 50 years. Yet everyone involved – despite their differences – finds something in this play which speaks to them. That is why Love, Loss and What I Wore has been such a hugely popular show. And the Pelican Theatre’s production of the play promises to be a fun one.

Wes MacIntosh, the Pelican Theatre’s stage manager, shared with TBC his thoughts on the upcoming show: “It just seems that I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity at this stage in my life to be of service. For me, witnessing the journey a production takes and seeing our artistic director get the most out of our fantastic company of actors is sheer brilliance and excitement!!”

Share in the brilliance, excitement, and fun! Don’t miss the Pelican Theatre’s production of Love, Loss and What I Wore!

Show dates: January 21, 22, 26, 27, and 28, 2016

All shows start at 7 p.m. at the Teatro de la Ciudad, La Paz.

Wine will be served following performances.

Tickets are 150 pesos each, and will be on sale at Allende Books in La Paz and El Tecolote Bookstore in Todos Santos beginning in January, 2016. For more information as it becomes available, please visit or


Photos courtesy of Victoria Eden and Kat Bennett

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