The Pelican Theatre of La Paz

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By Judy Ristity

Kids are natural actors. Girls in Mom’s heels and fancy hats and instant-presto they become princesses; boys don cowboy hats and point pretend guns at the bad guys.  Where there are two actors, one begins directing the action. Family is enlisted to play the part of the adoring audience.

Too soon, we grow up and bury our creativity. Theatre is left to professionals.  Then one day, if we’re lucky, an opportunity presents itself and ignites our imagination. We receive an invitation to once again enter the world of make-believe.

The Pelican Theatre of La Paz offers that opportunity. I asked David Coxwell, the director, what qualities are required to become an actor.

is an actor. Acting allowed early man to adapt to their surroundings and it’s
still in our genes. The only thing required is enthusiasm and a willingness to
give it a try.”

The director sprinkles magic onto the script and cast; he makes the show look easy. The theater is transformed and, if only for 90 minutes, an alternate reality exists.

The perfect audience? They turn off their cell phones and expectations; they willingly enter the world of make believe. The Pelican Theatre of La Paz enters its 7th season.

The Pelican Theatre of La Paz presents:


(4 short comedies)

Jan. 21 – 25 at 7pm

The Orphanage 5 de Feb. & Revolución

200 pesos

Tickets are available at: (Only thirty-five tickets available for each performance.)  

Allende Books, now located in the alley on the side entrance (East) of Sears in Centro. 10am – 6pm

The Farmers Market on Constitución between Madero and Belisario Dominguez Tuesday and Saturday 9am – noon.

The Farmers Market located on Rosales between the Malecón
and Madero Tuesday and Saturday 9am – noon.