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By Donneley McCann

Fifty lucky theatergoers got to be seated on stage at the city theatre semi-circled in front of the performers of three plays.

These ten-minute plays of “brazen comedy” were presented on two nights, January 28th and 29th. It was indeed a treat to be

amused by seven local, talented actors in such close proximity. Under the direction of David Coxwell, these thespians gave

their all.

The first of the trilogy was SHE’S FABULOUS with Elia Redfield as Bethel and Victoria Davis as Clarise.  These two are

discussing at intermission just what they think of the performance of a fellow actress who is portraying Linda Loma in Death of a Salesman. Rivalry and jealousy can certainly be humorous.  Elia was in the theatre group in her high school and wanted to study acting at the Pasadena Playhouse but life got in the way. She was active in the Naked Acting company in this city.  One can tell her enthusiasm for the theatre has never waivered.

In Vicki’s past she was a runner-up in the 1968 Miss California contest and was an undercover narcotics agent for seven years with the FBI.  She retired here to write a bestselling autobiography.

LARRY GETS THE CALL was the second play and featured Jon Wood as Larry, Joab Jamieson as Petre and Celia

Devault as God.  Larry gets a free trip to heaven to meet God only she is nothing like Larry ever imagined including being clothed in

leotards and a frilly tutu. Jon makes his acting debut as Larry and has caught the bug for acting.  He is a professional

chef and says he has been surrounded by drama for most of his life.  The youngest actor of the company is Joab who has

been interested in acting since a young boy. He too was involved with the Naked Acting Company as was Celia who performed

with them on stage in December of 2012. Celia professes to have a loud voice and thinks acting is putting it to good use.

PILLOW ended the evening’s entertainment and starred Anita Harris as Wilma and Roxanne Rosenblatt as Janice.  A conservative

and hot-to-trot liberal meet at an outdoor cafe so that Janice might tell Anita what transpired the night before with her blind date as arranged by Anita. Anita lives in Todos Santos where she became involved with amateur theatre and loves it.  Roxanne is no stranger to acting, having attained a theatre degree at 43. She then created the Knockwood Theatre company in Portland, Oregon and moved to Baja in 1997.  She has been very active in local productions including 12 seasons with Baja Shakespeare. A very talented lady.

Local artist and realtor Sidney Byars did a charming job of introducing the plays.

Artistic director of the Pelican Theatre company David Coxwell prefers comedy.  He says “Comedy has a powerful effect on all of us. It has the ability to unite us through joy and it challenges us to change our attitudes.  It delights us as it exposes our fears and prejudices and it dares us do examine the possibility that we can make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.”

The ten-minute play is a relatively new entertainment phenomenon and has been extremely popular around the world.  Don’t miss the

opportunity next November to see more Pelican productions.   And, if you want to be a part of the Pelican group do contact them

at  Pelican is particularly looking for males to act with their company.

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