The Municipality of La Paz Debuts Tourist Police Units for the Maleco

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In the hot summer month of August, the local tourist police fraction of the Municipality of La Paz Police Force debuted two new, 3-wheeled units to patrol the malecon.

The tourist police units come with the main objective of helping out tourists, both national and international, with information, directions, security or any other type of support needed during their time spent in and around downtown La Paz.

According to Police Agent Lupita Valdez Barbosa, for the moment there are two vehicles that will be circulating along the malecon from Marquez de Leon to the El Molino, or the Windmill.  Hours of operation are weekdays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and on weekends until 3:00 am.

All tourist police agents undergo special training to maneuver the 3-wheeled vehicle safely as well as sensitivity training geared toward tourism. Most  officers that work out of the units do speak English. However, Valdez Barbosa noted that if there are bilingual services needed and the officer on duty can’t provide those, the other unit would be called immediately to provide back up.

It is important to note that tourist police have the same training as well as the same powers as other members of the cities’ police force.  They can and will hand out tickets for traffic violations.

There are plans in the future to provide more tourist police vehicles around the city.

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