The Four Gateways to La Paz to be Given a Facelift

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Last week the Municipality of La Paz, in conjunction with the Administration of Public Services, announced the “Beautification Program for the Four Entrances to the City,” starting with the entrance coming into La Paz from the airport, which is the first impression travelers have of the destination when they arrive here by air.
La Paz’s Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran announced that the program would be dealing with a multitude of factors in cleaning up the image of the entranceways including an integral landscape design proposal that was put forward by the department of Urban Image within Public Services.  The proposal took into consideration the entire City of La Paz. The proposed first phase is that of the airport entrance and continues with the entrance from the port of Pichilingue, where ferry travelers arrive to the city, the entrance from the highway leading in from La Ventana/El Sargento and lastly, the entrance as you are coming in from Los Cabos.
Mayor Ponce Beltran added that the beautification program would move along gradually with special attention given to the condition of streets and avenues and their boulevards, the improvement of curbs, the functionality of public street lighting and other aspects that need attention.
The Mayor also commented that with regards to the entrance from the airport, she has already received support from both the La Paz International Airport and the Mexico Air Force in terms of maintenance of the urban imagine that needs to be presented to visitors as well as the recuperation of the boulevards that are found in front of their respective areas.
The entrance coming into the city from the airport often leaves many visitors wondering whether they have been welcomed to La Paz by a whale tail, dove or both. The park that encompasses the whale tail/dove of peace monument has taken on many colors and types of vegetation over the years, but it is often left in neglect with having no specific purpose. The boulevards from the airport to La Paz are often littered with garbage and filled with dying vegetation and powdered dust.  No color, no life.
That will change soon as the first phase of the beautification program includes fixing up the boulevards and curbs by giving them the adequate treatment of polished cement in distinctive colors and creating forms with bugambilia plants to make things more colorful.  The vegetation will be looked after by a drip irrigation system using treated water. 36 new coconut palms are to be planted and current plants will be relocated to either the airport or the whale tail monument where they can flourish.

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