The Bagel Shop in La Paz – A Must Visit

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The Bagel Shop

By Jim Donahoe

Great things, like fine wines, take time and hard work. Much of the same principals have been the hallmark for the Bagel Shop, owned and operated by Fabrizio, Patricia and their two daughters, Fabiana and Khala. Their story is similar to others who ended up living and working in La Paz. They had been living and raising their daughters in Las Vegas, he working in set designs and she, in public relations. They decided that their future was not in Las Vegas. They debated about living in New York, Chile or Mexico. In order to save enough money to make their move, Patricia came with their girls to live near family in La Paz and Fabrizio stayed and worked in Las Vegas. While still in Las Vegas, one of Fabrizio’s simple pleasures was to visit a small neighborhood Jewish Deli, where he would enjoy authentic bagels. He loved them so much he decided he would research and study everything about them. After more than a year of learning, Fabrizio felt he was ready. After being apart for nearly two years, Fabrizio came to La Paz to be with his family and with the plan of working here for a short time before moving to Chile.Well, a funny thing happened.  They started baking bagels and selling them locally. They had an arrangement to work through a local coffee shop. The Bagel Shop’s “Godfather”, Tom Ireton, stopped in and tried their bagels and declared on the local marina radio broadcast that these bagels were the “real thing” and that local boaters ought to try them.  Literally, the next day, people were lined up at the shop. Because of kitchen limitations, production was limited to 40 bagels each day. This made for short hours, open at 7:00 am and sold out of bagels by 9:00 am. Of course as a baker, their wake up call is always much earlier.  Finally, a family decision was made. There was a demand for great bagels in La Paz and they loved living here. So, the next chapter unfolds. They saw a neighborhood building that was many years ago home to one of La Paz’s first newspapers, Las Ultimas Noticias. It looked perfect for their dream.  Located on Belisario Dominguez between Cinco de Mayo and Constitucion, the family spent many hours creating The Bagel Shop. Their original idea of combining baked fresh every day bagels with unique art exhibits continues today. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, delivery service and even an upstairs, complimentary space for small group meetings and events. From the menu you will be delighted to see such a variety. Because they bake fresh daily, you will find an ever-changing variety of bagels. Fabrizio and Patricia love to experiment and test new recipes. Toppings include many different cream cheese mixtures and you can even enjoy real lox. Try their breakfast bagels that range from bacon and egg to ham and cheese. They offer great coffee selections and their tea bar features over 30 selections. If you have some special bagel you have enjoyed in the past, let them know. I am sure they would be happy to create that for you.  After being open for a little more than one year, they are staying true to their dreams. “The Bagel Shop defines who we are”, states Fabrizio, “we love La Paz, our recipes are original, our music reflects our own tastes and the art we display also reflects who we are.” Future plans and dreams include a larger scale whole selling operation so people all over the Baja can enjoy authentic bagels. Personally, what I truly enjoy about the Bagel Shop is the family’s attitude, friendliness and perseverance. I love that through very hard work, they are beginning to be noticed. Just like fine wines, The Bagel Shop is cultivating a wonderful reputation… it just takes a little time and a lot of hard work.  The Bagel Shop is located on Belisario Dominguez between Cinco de Mayo and Constitucion and opened Monday through Saturday, 7:30 am until 3:00 pm. Phone 125 5878.  Jim Donahoe has been a licensed real estate broker for 30+ years, has consulted throughout Western Mexico for the last 9 years and has been a full-time paceño for nearly 3 years. Jim is the Broker Manager for Linda Neil Properties in La Paz. – (612) 140-1054 –

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