Tailhunter Restaurant and FUBAR Cantina in La Paz

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By Jim Donahoe

Gosh, where do I begin in trying to describe Jonathan and Jill Roldan’s Tailhunter Restaurant and FUBAR Cantina? I’ll begin with this. FUN! Perched above the Malecon, Tailhunter’s offers a great place to enjoy the views of people traversing the Malecon and the phenomenal La Paz sunsets. What a great gathering place.
Jonathan arrived in La Paz in 1996 with plans to take a one-year hiatus from a busy California law practice. Fishing and water activities have always been at his core. In 1997 he started his own fishing fleet with one panga. He did every job imaginable and provided personalized service to all. His fishing business has grown to now include two complete fleets serving both La Paz and Las Arenas. However, this is a completely different success story. To find out more about their fishing experiences go to http://www.tailhunter-international.com/.
Jonathan married the love of his life, Jilly (“Jiliana”) in 2008. Jonathan and Jill decided to create Tailhunter restaurant and FUBAR Cantina as a gathering place for friends and clients. They found the perfect location and 100-year old building on the Malecon. After two strenuous years of remodeling they opened the restaurant in May 2009. There are three separate levels. At street level is the FUBAR Cantina Café. Sit at outdoor sidewalk tables or venture inside to enjoy 2 flat screen TVs, cold beer and cocktails and even a make-your-own burger/taco/hot dog, which allows you to pile on the ingredients you love.
The second and third levels of the restaurant offer an open-air setting with great water views. Enjoy some of their “casero” (homemade) food that can also be described as fun. What a variety! The menu items offered range from Jonathan’s recipes learned in his native Hawaii, La Paz street fare, very fresh seafood dishes and traditional Mexican cuisine. This is truly an eclectic menu. Be prepared to debate with yourself as to which entrée sounds the best. This variety will bring you back again and again to sample another dish. If you like, bring in the fish you caught today and have the staff prepare as you wish. What a delight.
If you are into sports you will love the 9 plasma screen TV’s positioned around Tailhunter. If you like live music you will also love weekends at Tailhunter. Come on in and enjoy great bands in an open-air atmosphere. All of this is consistently about having fun. Jonathan and Jill work hard and make a point to greet and welcome patrons to their restaurant. The positive energy they project is addictive. The staff cares and the service is great. Start with one of the their famous margaritas or icy cold beers and an appetizer. You’ll be hooked.
Most importantly I believe Jonathan and Jill are the best ambassadors the City of La Paz could ever have. During their “off season”, they participate in more than 20 fishing shows in the US. At each show they not only promote their business, but also La Paz. They have succeeded in bringing thousands of new visitors to our area, many of whom have fallen in love with La Paz. These folks go back and tell their friends and La Paz gains vital exposure. Personally, I want to thank them for their extraordinary efforts and congratulate them on their well-earned success. To learn more about Tailhunter Restaurant and FUBAR Cantina go to: www.tailhunter.mx.
Jim Donahoe has been a licensed real estate broker for 30+ years, has consulted throughout Mexico for the last 9 years and has been a full time paceño for nearly 3 years. Jim works full time as a real estate broker in La Paz. Contact him at: jimdonahoe@me.com – or call 612 140 1054.

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