New Street Signs Found on the Streets of La Paz

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La Paz Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran, along with La Paz city councilors, local congressmen and citizens of La Paz put the new Nomenclature for the Municipality of La Paz Program into high gear on Saturday, July 3rd as the first brand new street signs, complete with the new City of La Paz logo, neighborhood name and postal code, were unveiled on the corner of Bulevard 5 de Febrero and Bulevard Agustin Olachea.

The new program was one of Ponce Beltran’s campaign promises to better the urban image of the city and to improve La Paz for tourism.  The replacing and installing of new street signs will be run in coordination with the Department of Public Safety and Municipal Transit and the Department of Public Services.

Over 6000 signs will be installed throughout the city, including replacing those streets signs that are damaged and putting up new ones where none exist. The program intends to first install street signs on major streets and in the tourist areas, then head off to the different surrounding neighborhoods in the city and then cover the entire municipality.

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