Sudcaliforma: An Anthology of Visual Artists in Baja California Sur, 1960 – 2010

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by Kat Bennett

For a long time, we had customers coming into Allende Books asking for a book about Baja California Sur artists.  We always had to say that, sadly, no such book existed in English.  We were thrilled when we discovered that just such an anthology was in the works, and that it was going to be bilingual.

Originally conceived by José Guadalupe Ojeda, the idea behind the anthology was to create a kind of catalog of Sudcaliforniano visual artists.  Following discussions of the idea, it was decided to create an anthology covering just a few artists, allowing for the inclusion of a greater number of each artist’s works.  The artists to be included were selected by Ojeda, Gabriela Valadez, Fernando Sánchez, and a panel of local artists.

The anthology began as a project for the celebration of the centennial of the Mexican Revolution and bicentennial of Mexican Independence, but had to be shelved to allow for the completion of other projects.  The finished product took a little longer than anticipated, but it was more than worth the wait.

In late January, Sudcaliforma: An Anthology of Visual Artists in Baja California Sur, 1960 – 2010 was released.  This is a wonderful anthology, showcasing the works of 12 Baja California Sur artists.  The anthology, edited by Lorena Durán and Sandino Gámez, includes an essay by the book’s designer and local photographer Fernando Sánchez, an essay by art historian José Luis Alcubilla, beautiful photographs of the artists’ work, a portrait of each artist by Elizabeth Moreno Damm, and short biographies of the featured artists.  Additionally, the book is fully bilingual.

This gorgeous anthology makes the perfect gift for any artist or art lover, as well as the perfect remembrance of your visit to La Paz.  Available at Allende Books for 400 pesos.

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