State Will Continue To Promote Sport Tourism Events: Rubén Reachi

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•The State tourism department will continue to attract triathlons to La Paz and Los Cabos. Other events that make a perfect fit to the area include bike races and marathons, including the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series. Benefits to the tourism sector are very positive.

Sports tourism is an activity that each day is becoming more and more popular.  It is a market that is booming worldwide and in Mexico and in Baja California Sur in particular, this has been no exception.  The State Secretary of Tourism for BCS, Ruben Reachi Lugo said his department would continue to attract and help organize world-class sporting events that bring increased flow of tourists and generates great economical benefits to the region.

“Surely the upcoming year we will be announcing more surprises. The State Governor, Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor, has instructed us to continue to explore new events of this quality to bring to the state.  We see the possibility of a bike race called the Gran Fondo, which could start in La Paz and end in Los Cabos; a bike race of approximately 180 km. which could be adjusted depending on what the organizers need,” said Reachi Lugo.

“Also, we will see if we can get another event under the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series brand, which is a world famous international circuit of half marathons and marathons. Baja California Sur could possible host a race under this brand that would bring large numbers of first-class participants from around the world.”

Regarding Ironman Los Cabos 2014, which was held the weekend of March 28th-30th, Reachi Lugo emphasized, “We are very pleased that it was a success with over 1,200 participants. There were no problems during the three stages. I want to congratulate the people of Los Cabos that worked hard and pushed to make this event a huge success.  They supported the competitors and this type of participation of citizens was very enthusiastic; no doubt the 2015 version that will be held at the end of October will be a success. “

Reachi Lugo hopes that Ironman Los Cabos participation of athletes in the next edition will increase and added,  “We congratulate the company As Deporte for their achievement. Having a world-class event in a world-class tourist destination makes both parties move forward and we can say that in Baja California Sur, tourism is really increasing because the government is truly supporting these events for the area.

During the Triathlon La Paz 2014 event on March 22nd, the hotel occupancy rate for the city was at 100%.  Over 800 athletes took part representing 8 countries including the U.S., Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, England and of course, México.

“That is why the Governor has instructed us to continue with the event Triathlon La Paz which also had a very large turnout and immediately converted the state capital as a very favorable host for triathlons. Without a doubt, we will be pushing enthusiastically to bring more events of this caliber to the capital city this upcoming year.”

Finally, he stressed that La Paz could be a national and international leader in hosting triathlons, having the competitive advantage of offering events its natural beauty where the sea combined with an attractive route for cycling and foot race, make it a one of a kind destination.

Agustín Olachea Nogueda, President of Emprhotur mentioned that the work needed to host world-class events is worth it. “The idea of hosting the triathlon was an initiative born in the private sector by local citizens and supported by governments at all three levels. We have achieved our goal of having hotel occupancy rates at 100% in the city.  We also were able to show off to the world our tourist destination.”

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