Sport in Baja California Sur

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By Octavio Rojo Grijalva

Over the past few years, Baja California Sur has had a growth in sport. The reasons for this may be diverse but all positive. With the increase in population, more options have emerged and the demand for physical activity has increased. Many facilities available for athletics have been remodeled or maintained over the past few years with government funding. These facilities include football and soccer fields, baseball diamonds, pools for swimming and diving and spaces for martial arts and a number of other disciplines.

The theme I want to highlight today is the marathon. Marathons in BCS generate great enthusiasm and have become very popular throughout the state. Both government sponsored and private organizations have turned to organizing such events and usually do so for two reasons.  Firstly, they want to encourage a culture of healthier living for citizens and secondly, they use the event to promote causes that need attention ranging from raising cancer awareness to raising funds for disabled children. With the revenue that is received through sponsorship and registration of participants, healthy donations can me made to a cause of choice. Most people can easily identify with one of these reasons for participating in an event.

Why have marathons been so successful? Because so many people can get involved in them! And there are three reasons why this is true. First, there is no age restriction to start running and secondly, you can practice the sport almost anywhere, without the need for specialized facilities. It is an outdoor activity and is not an expensive sport. The third is that the vast majority of participants involved make it a personal goal to participate in a marathon and are not out to win. Also, and this may be a fourth reason, but all may enter a marathon here in the state, both locals and foreigners.  This allows for an international coexistence to take place every time there is a marathon. Baja California Sur has many foreigners living permanently in the state and it is very common to see expats taking part in business adventures and enjoying everyday activities in La Paz.

If you want to start running you can do it alone, in the company of a friend or as part of a group of runners that have been formed in different cities, especially in Los Cabos and here in La Paz. Events are almost monthly and have challenges for any level. Running is also just another way to enjoy the Baja.

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