South Baja Realtors Celebrating a Decade in Business!

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October 8th is a very special day for Victor Granados and his wife and business partner, Edith Gonzalez. They created South Baja Realtors on this day in 2008. Celebrating a decade in business in no easy feat, especially a real estate business that was founded in 2008.

“We started South Baja Realtors 10 years ago in a really hard time in La Paz. It was 2008 and the real estate market was dropping. I think it was just a few days before we opened our doors that President Bush addressed the United States about the financial crisis. Things were very complicated. We ended up having to reinvent ourselves, change our expectations and focus on a completely different market than we had set out to do during that first year,” Granados explained.

“But little by little, we had sales and happy clients and we just kept growing and moving forward. I am really proud of what we have accomplished with our real estate family,”

Prior to going out on his own, Granados worked for a local real estate office in La Paz and in that short time, he developed a solid reputation in the industry, which he was able to carry over to his own business. His knowledge of the local real estate market, his cooperation with other real estate agencies and his ability to motivate others to generate sales and prospects are well known in the community.

Granados and Gonzalez are as down to earth and genuine as they come. Their honest business practices along with their tireless efforts to serve their client, has brought them well earned business opportunities and partnerships in the industry.

But Granados doesn’t like taking all the credit and insists it is the people around him who have helped South Baja Realtors get to where it is today. “My team brings energy and experience everyday to the office as we go for 10 years more. I appreciate them very much. We closed a very good year last year. This year looks like it will be even better and we just need to continue with that momentum.”

Granados, Gonzalez, along with their team of real estate professionals that includes Rosario Caballero, Belen Lopez, Monica Lopez and Juan Ceseña know that buying and selling a home, or even renting, is a major undertaking, especially in a foreign country. By applying their skill, care and diligence, they will make the process painless and enjoyable. South Baja Realtors are ready to show you everything La Paz has to offer.

Don’t hesitate to find out how Granados and South Baja Realtors can help you with your sale, rental or acquisition of property in Baja California Sur.

South Baja Realtors

Alvaro Obregon (malecon) 774-A

Between Allende and Juarez

612 123 5434

La Paz, BCS 23000

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