Some City Streets in La Paz are Getting Paved!

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The Municipality of La Paz and the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, or CMIC, have joined forces and are fixing 19 kilometers of city streets and repaving another 56 kilometers that were heavily damaged with all the rains this fall. Most of the streets that are being repaved are main streets with heavy circulation and include 12 main intersections.  The funding will be financed by CMIC with invest from the Municipality of La Paz.
Mayor Esthela Ponce was on hand, along with members of CMIC, to kick off the paving extravaganza. Work has already begun and the City started with the streets of Las Garzas and Oaxaca and then will be moving over to Mexico from Sinaloa to Veracruz.  After Christmas they will head over to Abasolo and Oaxaca and then to Josefa Ortiz from Nayarit to Sinaloa. Total investment is well over 80 million pesos.
The Mayor highlighted the strength and support that the members of CMIC have always demonstrated to the Municipality and mentioned that when government and private initiatives come together many problems, such as the repaving of streets, can be solved. She hopes that soon La Paz can soon return to normal traffic circulation.
Mayor Ponce said that the investment required for complete street maintenance is close to a billion pesos but the collaboration with CMIC and the Municipality will be of great value. She mentioned that she has also been in talks with federal and state governments to help solve the cities street problems and more so because the city is the State’s capital.
La Paz has 464 kilometers of paved streets and some streets have completed their life span.  Filling potholes is now not the answer. For this reason the Municipality, in coordination with CMIC, is working with the State government to repave major city streets and intersections.

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