Six Things to Do In La Paz, BCS for the Lazy Traveler

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By Susan Fogel
Not everyone that visits La Paz is a diver, or is serious about fishing or golf. Some of you may enjoy less strenuous activities and since it can get windy for a day or two, and even chilly, here are some ideas to do while away an hour or two. Spend some time getting to know our city, its history, culture and a little about its fauna.
1.The Anthropology Museum.
Learn a little about La Paz and the people from prehistoric times to the present. Very nicely done replicas of a typical early home, examples of ranch life, cave paintings and fossils and artifacts of the Baja’s earliest settlers. A nice selection of books about La Paz.
  • Adults $3.00. To take videos or photos $4.00
  • Open Daily 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Cinco de Mayo and Altamirano
  • 612-122 0162

2. The Whale Museum.
Be humbled by the size of a complete skeleton of one of our prized sea mammals, the gray whale. Other whale art, history and artifacts.  Walk through the garden and handle baleen, and whale bones.

  • Adults $8.00 US Children $4.00
  • Monday- Friday from 9 to1:00 Sat from 10 to 2:00 hrs. Closed on Sun.
  • Antonio Navarro between Ignacio Altamirano and Heroes de la Independencia, beside the Teatro de Ciudad.

3. The Shell Museum.
A wonderful collection of shells from local beaches and some exotic shells from around the world. There is a room full of detailed historic ship models including the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria, and the USS Constitution. See the beautiful fish in our water without getting wet! A movie of the under sea world of the waters around La Paz plays on a loop. It is free and always open, and afterwards, enjoy a meal at one of many lovely restaurants.

  • Open 24 hours Daily
  • Marina Costa Baja in the Pueblo Marinero.

4.The Serpentarium
Take out your camera, and some iguanas will actually pose for you! Enter the gates and step into a peaceful garden. See snakes, lizards, turtles and tarantulas, Your bored teenagers will love this. Founded by Abe Blank, who disappeared mysteriously in 2001, the Serpentarium shows off, and protects some of the least loved, but important creatures of the Baja. A must see!

  • Adults $7.00 US   |  Children $3.00 US
  • Tuesday- Saturday 10 to 4. Closed Mon.
  • Brecha de California and Guaycura
  • 612 122 5611

5.Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace
Step back in time and feel history around you. Erected in the site of an old Jesuit mission, Our Lady of Peace was erected around 1850 and has many baroque altar pieces taken from older, abandoned missions.  After touring the church, stop in at the 5th Avenue Café for an espresso, or walk around the square.

  • On the Square Cinco de Mayo and Revolucion
  • 612 122 0208
6. Take a Walk
Turn in any direction from the church square and walk around. Take in the sights and sounds of everyday life in an authentic Mexican town. See architecture grand and humble spanning centuries. The surrounding streets are home to some of La Paz’ best restaurants, small shops and private homes. Slow down and look around.
While the Malecon is beautiful, there is more to see in La Paz. Enjoy our city.
Susan Fogel is the broker/owner of; follow her blog
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