Saturdays in the Park

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Theo Breadguy
More and more, residents and visitors are making it a habit to spend time on Saturdays and Tuesdays  at the post office park to socialize, exercise and shop for  producer-to-table comestibles.  The Tianguis Natural attracts some 150 shoppers in the three hours the market operates, from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm, and features some twenty-plus vendors.
When you visit the market, be sure to look for Sharon and her delightful baked goodies.
“It’s funny, the way God provides…when the [tianguis natural] market started up I had been looking for a way to reach out. I have a large modern kitchen and friends encouraged me to start baking for the community”
Always looking for unique flavor combinations, the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies might have  bits of dried bananas, or her scones may have the scent of lavender and honey. Chocolate cakes are tall and moist and carrot in the carrot cake tastes just-picked fresh. Sometimes Sharon needs to excuse herself from the market because a local restaurant liked her scones so much they asked her to regularly provide a variety of baked goods for their menu. Largely self-taught, her recent success has encouraged her to turn this hobby into a real business. Sharon recently completed baking science classes and has set in motion the steps necessary to gain professional status.
Experience for yourself Sharon’s goodies. She always has something delightful to sample and a kind word and warm smile whether you decide to buy or not. Check out the other vendors, as well, and bring home cheeses, lettuces, fruit, meats and chicken, sauces and breads, jams and special salts.
See you at the market!
The post office park is at Revolucion de 1910 and Constitucion, across the street from the main post office and Corazon Café. The park is private property and its use is gratefully acknowledged. The market is open from 9:30 am until just after noon.
Theo Breadguy works at the Pan D’Les Bakery, now at their new location just steps away from the Tianguis Natural market, at the corner of Constitucion and Madero. Enjoy fine pastries and special foods during their “After Market” event every Tuesday from noon to 1pm, or just anytime you crave something yummy.
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