Reduce, Reuse, and RECYCLE!

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By Stephanie Rousso

These three little words beginning with the letter R are very important for the future health of our planet.    Did you know that an area the size of Texas filled with plastics is swirling in the Pacific Ocean?  Albatross birds are feeding their babies plastic because the plastic area is so large and thick that they cannot even hunt for fish.   We are all responsible for the health of our world, both locally and globally.
Reduce – this means to reduce the amount of trash whether recycled or not.   Grow your own vegetables rather than buying packaged or plastic bagged filled produce, buy in bulk, and purchase-recycled items like clothes, shoes, cars, etc.  Purchase aluminum and glass that can be recycled locally over plastic.  Purchase recycled paper products, like notebooks, 2013 agendas, and printer paper.
Reuse – reuse an aluminum or steel water bottle, bring a cloth bag to the Mercado, refill your 5-gallon water at a water purification plant, bring a travel coffee mug to your favorite coffee place, bring reusable containers for take out at a restaurant.
Recycle – this is the last resort.  Below, find information about recycling after you have reduced the amount of trash you purchase and reuse everything that you possibly can.
In La Paz, Ecology Project International (EPI) is collaborating the recycling program.  EPI is a non-profit environmental education organization that supports conservation of natural resources and culture.   Currently, they receive glass that can be recycled locally.  However, they are collaborating with other programs and have provided us with a directory of places you can take your recyclables.  Electronics produce the most space in landfills and dump sites.  These are made of heavy plastics and metals, which pollute our drinking waters and oceans.  Disposable plastic is the second worst culprit, followed by paper.  The problem with electronics and plastics is that they have to be contained and shipped to the U.S. creating more carbon dioxide pollution.
Ecology Project International is located between Navarro and Encinas Street on Guierrmo Prieto and currently receives glass.  They also have workshops on composting, native landscaping, and alternative energy.
Recicladora de La Paz accepts aluminum, plastic, paper, and cardboard.  Contact Engineer Mario Peña Capellety at 612 153 1673. Or bring him your recyclable goods to Carretera al Sur 11 Fracc. Tabachines.
Reciclavitrum accepts glass of all colors and sizes. They use broken glass to make functional art pieces.  Contact Mayra Gutierrez at 612 136 5236.
If you need help transporting your recycles or for a more complete directory of recycling centers, please contact

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