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By Barbara Holbrook

Although La Paz does not yet have a citywide, curbside-recycling program, there is an opportunity to recycle plastic.  RecuperArte BCS is committed and concerned about the care of the environment and the pollution created by the different solid waste that is discarded daily. Their main concern is the maintenance of same use plastics (soft drinks, water, detergents, etc.)

Martin Caballero of and I have been working closely to ensure the success of this program. We have been very successful in establishing recycling collection points at FIVE marinas, two restaurants, and several smaller pickup points.


We currently accept recyclable plastics such as drink, bleach, detergent, and shampoo bottles.  No hazardous waste like motor oil bottles, please.

At this time, we can’t recycle Styrofoam, aluminum, toys or candy packaging.

We have collected and recycled over three tons of plastic and glass (nearly 7,000 pounds), thereby keeping it out of the sanitary landfill, the oceans, and the very air that our children breathe.

The program currently is limited to collection and transportation to an initial center in La Paz where the plastic is compressed, then shipped to the Mainland for final processing and re-manufacture.

Previously, we had significant assistance from Tim Means; however, with his untimely and extremely sad death, we have experienced the great loss of an important supporter of environmental protection. Personally and professionally, we have lost a great friend.

Tim Means was the backup for removal of collected recycling, and since we rely entirely on volunteer drivers and vehicles, the recycling effort has been placed in a very precarious position.

The opportunity for further growth of the program is directly related to education of the people, ease of recycling opportunities for members of the public, and continued success and expansion of the program, including more intense treatment, cleaning, shredding, sorting, melting and extrusion of a useable, desirable, saleable product that will benefit the entire community by providing employment and a cleaner environment for all.

The opportunities for more collection exist, as we have been receiving requests for collection containers from several businesses and health centers, where plastic containers are discarded in mass quantities. We have had to deny these requests simply because of the demands of transportation.

Once recycling product is placed in collection containers, if not removed in a timely fashion, it becomes NOT recycling, but TRASH. We cannot afford to encourage dismissal of the recycling effort by allowing containers to overflow.

This program has the potential to put La Paz, BCS in a more prominent role in the area of environmental protection, simply by doing what is right and good. The municipality has already made great strides in that direction assisted by Tim Means and his efforts.

While none of us needs to “reinvent the wheel”, we must get our hearts and hands together for a successful outcome.  Ideally, La Paz will eliminate waste, collect and process correctly all recycling, and RE-USE the product to manufacture a finished product. All of this will benefit the community by proving employment at every step, eliminating pollution in our beautiful country, and provide a final product that will be sold and distributed to a much wider area of consumers.

Please consider our situation, share your ideas and concerns with us, and help us to achieve an amazingly beneficial outcome.  We have a location; enough equipment to begin a basic program; educational materials written for students by professional educators; and enough ‘heart’ and willingness to do whatever is necessary.

We desperately need volunteer drivers, with vehicle & hitch or pick-up truck, to occasionally pick up a 60-70 kilo bag and drive to nearest drop-off point. Please get in touch with us if you can help out. We intend to help La Paz continue as a leader in environmental protection.

Barbara (Bobi) has 40 plus years experience with children, schools, health, and community activism and improvement.  She is the mom of 4 and raised 2 more (aboard a sailboat). Met Bill on the LA Freeway and has been married to him and BOAT for the last 28 years. Bobi says she is just trying to, “leave it better than I found it.” If you would like to help in the recycling effort in La Paz, please send an e-mail to

Drop Off Centers in La Paz for Recycling Plastics

Marina Palmira (at public entrance near Condos, Gate 6)

Marina La Paz

Marina Don Jose

Marina Cortez

La Costa Restaurante on the corner of Navarro and Rangel

Bob Marlin’s Bar and Grill on Allende, downtown La Paz