Recycling at El Mangle in La Paz

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By Bruce Bennett

bruceAlthough La Paz does not yet have a city-wide, curb-side recycling program, there is an opportunity to recycle plastic, metal, paper, and food and yard waste. The most complete recycling program available to the public exists at El Mangle, a site shared by organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability and community outreach.

The recycling center is operated by Noroeste Sustentable (NOS) and accepts recyclable plastics such as drink, bleach, detergent, and shampoo bottles. No hazardous waste like motor oil bottles, please. Metal containers, such as aluminum and steel cans, are also welcome. In addition, mixed paper, including cardboard, newspaper, junk mail, and magazines is also accepted. Please, no Tetra Pak containers (the boxes that contain milk and juice). Glass is not currently accepted. Proceeds from the recycling program are donated to the surrounding Manglito neighborhood to support their youth soccer team.

The community garden opposite the recycling center, operated by Jardín Sabores de la Tierra, accepts food and yard waste for compost. The compost is used on-site to improve the soil for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and native plants. The community garden also hosts environmental education programs for children from both public and private schools.

The entrance to the recycling center and community garden at El Mangle is located at the end of Nayarit street, just three blocks off Abasolo (towards the water). Look on your right for a large blue gate that says “Bienvenidos” and has a mural with cactus, flowers, and a butterfly. The recycling center is towards the left and the community garden is on the right. Several friendly gentlemen will be available to assist you in unloading and weighing the recyclables you bring. You will be asked to give your name and sign a receipt. There are also usually community garden staff present at work in the gardens. Hours for the recycling center are Monday through Friday from 8 to 6 and Saturday from 8 to 12. The garden is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 to 1. The recycling center can be reached at 128-4862 or

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