Public Transportation Fares Go Up In La Paz

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On December 21st, 2012 users of the public transportation system in La Paz were hit with a two-peso increase on general bus fares and a one-peso increase for students.
The fare hikes are part of the Municipal Plan of Public Transportation, which was authorized by city council last month.
The City claims that the public transportation system is in need of modernization and this cannot take place without an increase in user fees.  In conjunction with the increases in fares, the Municipal Plan of Public Transportation has a set of actions and strategies that need to be monitored and followed, which include:
–     Training for drivers of public transport units.
–       Develop better system for users to demand their ticket, which is the insurance policy of the user.
–       Build more covered bus stops.
–       Arrange for the pavement of urban public transportation routes and maintain public bus stops.
–       In coordination with the Secretary of Public Education, set up a student credential system.
–       Arrange with the Inter-American Bank of Development and other public financing entities the acquisition of new public transport units and the improvement of existing ones.
The Municipal Plan was published in an Official Release of the State Government, which proclaims that if the actions and strategies set forth in the Municipal Plan of Public Transportation are not adhered to within the next 6 months, the increase of fares will be revoked.

The Municipality of La Paz’s Secretary General Guillermo Beltran Rochin said that city council was also very clear that the approval of public transportation fare increases need to coincide with better service for passengers and if this didn’t occur by August of 2013, they would have no choice but to reduce fares.

Rates are currently 10 pesos for general fares and 5 pesos for students.   It is important to note that the current minimum salary in La Paz is just under 63 pesos a day.

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