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*Assures BCS government of his support in dealing with the most sensitive issues and those of great concern to the State.


President Enrique Peña Nieto, during his recent visit to BCS, announced his government’s readiness to form a team and a common front with the government of Baja California Sur to address the most sensitive issues and those of greatest concern to the state.

He told the newly-elected state governor Carlos Mendoza Davis: “Mr. Governor, I wish to confirm the government’s desire and will to review various projects that will enable other areas in this state to be consolidated and become major tourist destinations.”

The president specifically mentioned Loreto, a project begun several decades ago that has yet to be fully completed.

“I promise that we will make a shared effort, combine forces and work on ways to boost the development of this beautiful site, so important to the state of Baja California Sur, which undoubtedly has enormous potential,” he said.

He announced that he instructed various areas in the tourism sector, together with the State Government, to review the project to launch Loreto, “And find the best way to consolidate the project that was designed decades ago, but failed to mature.”

When he inaugurated the San José del Cabo – Cabo San Lucas highway, President Peña Nieto said that, “Although one of the main engines of economic development in Baja California Sur is tourism, it must be accompanied by meeting various needs that will enhance and consolidate this activity and provide welfare for the people of the state.”

One such issue, he added, is public safety. “This is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive issues for Baja California Sur society, particularly the state capital, La Paz,” he said.

“The government is committed and determined to accompany the efforts of the state government to ensure law and order in the state, peace of mind for the residents of Baja California Sur, and enable tourism to remain an activity important for this state,” he declared.

The president declared that Baja California Sur is one of the most important tourist destinations in our country, while “tourism at the national level has been one of the primary engines for economic development.”

He noted that three years into the current administration, Mexico is once again ranked as one of the world’s top ten tourist destinations. “It is the country that receives the tenth largest number of tourists in the world, which is why tourism has become an important engine for the development of our economy,” he said.

He explained that 2014 was a good year for tourism in Mexico, a trend that is expected to continue this year. “Between January and August of this year, we had an increase in the number of foreign visitors: 21.2 million tourists, 8.4 percent more than we had in 2014.”

If this trend continues, he added, “We will undoubtedly reach a figure of 30 million tourists in our country a year. Mexico will continue to be consolidated as a major world tourist destination, which will benefit Mexican society.”

The president declared that, “We will therefore continue working to boost tourism to consolidate projects.”

Moreover, he said, “We will consider building infrastructure that enhances our competitiveness and makes us more attractive.”

“This is the government’s work ethic: combine efforts to achieve the goals we have set, continue to carry out infrastructure projects, particularly highways, to consolidate the connectivity of our country, which will lead more regions in the country to progress and development,” he said.

He added that public works, like the inauguration of the San José del Cabo – Cabo San Lucas highway, “make it possible to create infrastructure to increase the country’s competitiveness, improve connectivity, and above all, make Mexico a more modern, safer country, and generate conditions of well-being for its population.”

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