Por Ellas La Paz Swim Relay and Health Fair – Sunday, October 21st

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Por Ellas La Paz Swim Relay and Health Fair  – Sunday, October 21st
The 4th Annual ¨Por Ellas, El Mar de Cortez, Brazadas en Pro de La Prevención del Cáncer¨ fundraiser or For Them, Strokes in the Sea of Cortez for Cancer Prevention” will take place on Sunday, October 21st, 2012.
The event “Por Ellas” is a 35-kilometers, 30-minute relay in open water. 144 swimmers will be participating from all over Mexico, including teams from BCS. The event will start at Pichilingue Beach at 7:00 am with participants swimming out to El Tecolote and then back to the Bay of La Paz to finish the relay later that day.
In conjuction with the swim, all are welcome to Coromuel Beach from 9am until 8pm for the Health and Sport Fair promoting a preventive mindset vis-a-vis breast cancer and cervical cancer through information, education and screening.  They will also be promoting fitness and sport activities as well.
“Por Ellas” or “For Them” La Paz is the labor of love of Edna Llorens, a native of Mexico City who now calls La Paz home. Edna, a professional swimmer, has been swimming and fundraising endlessly the past several years raising enough money to buy equipment for the local cancer clinic to help detect breast cancer. They are currently helping local woman with costs associated with reconstructive surgery.
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