Please Respect Disabled Parking Spaces

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The Department of Public Security, the Preventative Police and Municipal Transit is asking the public in general and especially drivers of vehicles to please respect disabled parking spaces around the city.

The rules for disabled parking spaces are designed to give preferred access to people with physical challenges and are typically marked in La Paz with the International Symbol of Access and painted blue.

If parked in a disabled reserved parking space, the permit holder should make sure their portable placard can be seen in the vehicle’s front windshield.

For those who choose not to respect parking spaces designated for the disabled and park without a disabled parking permit, you could be ticketed by the municipality police a fine that holds a cost of 100 minimum salaries, the highest possible fine, which is the equivalent to about 6,223 pesos.

Avoid problems and the expense and respect those parking spaces designated to those who need them.

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