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You just never know what to expect in September here in La Paz and this year has been no exception. Lots of rain, lots of heat and too many potholes. So the Baja Citizen wanted to know:

What do you like most about September in La Paz?

Marty Olver, Publicist for author R.J. Archer.
“The green of the hills and mountains along the corredor between La Paz and Los Cabos due to September rains…the desert comes alive.”

Judy Peterson, Director of FANLAP
“The patriotism, the decorations, and knowing that cooler weather is just around the corner. Also, fireworks like we had never seen before, so close to the crowd. And of course the celebration the night of 15th of September. Of course the fireworks part has to do with the celebration the night of the 15th of September.

Robert Renfro, Baja Realty Executives
“Well most Septembers I like celebrating my birthday near or on the water. However, this September I have really enjoyed the RAIN!!!!”

Blanca Corral, Bancomer
“What I like best about September is the party for Mexico’s Independence Day on the 15th and the day off work.  But this year, it is a Saturday so no day off work!”
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