People on the Street – HOW TO SURVIVE SUMMER IN LA PAZ!!

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Well it’s still summer. And the heat is increasing. And don’t we just love to complain about it?
Here are some words about how to survive summer in La Paz.

Cathy Shafer retired from Boulder
Cathy lives on Fantasy Island, it get’s hot there too. She says:
I spend a lot of time in the water and the shade with a good book. I wake early and enjoy the cool mornings and take a evening walk as the sun is setting to take in the breeze and maybe another jump in the water. TBC: We are waiting for an invitation to come and play at your beach.

Simon Loftus, Realtor from the UK
Shade, Pool, Air-conditioning, in that order. I always look for shade when out and about, if there is no shade then a quick dip in the pool works wonders and after that just stick on the A/C. TBC: So Simon, does that mean if you are about and about, and there is no shade you’ll just dip in anyone’s pool? With or without clothing?

La Dona, Freaky Advice Columnist:
I don’t know why you all have your knickers in a twist. I am never too hot. The slightest breeze seems to go right through me. TBC: We told you to lay in rest for two months. Are your ears open holes too?

R.J. Archer, Author
While we have three older air conditioners, our house is poorly insulated and poorly constructed so running the A/C is very expensive. We use it when we have to, but in the summer we adjust our schedule to take advantage of cooler early morning temps and late afternoon Coromuel breezes. We also spend a lot of time in the new air-conditioned malls!

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