Peña Nieto Opens Largest Solar Power Plant in Mexico

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Mexico’s largest solar power plant, a facility with 39 MW of generating capacity, has gone online in the capital city of Baja California Sur.

The Aura Solar I photovoltaic power plant was inaugurated by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday, March 26 and will supply electricity to the city of La Paz.

President Enrique Peña Nieto at the opening of the Aura Solar I Photovoltaic Power Station said that his Energy Reform aims, among other objectives, to ensure that our nation, “Has greater power generation that is cleaner and above all cheaper, in order to make Mexico a more competitive country.”

In other words, he continued, “A country will attract more investment for the development and creation of jobs. Mexico wants to generate more power, and cleaner and cheaper energy for users, Mexican families and small and medium businesses, which create jobs in our country,” he said.

At the event, held in Las Olas Altas area of the Industrial Park in the  Municipality of La Paz, the president said that at present, “Clean energy sources generate 25 percent of electricity in our country. He noted that the Climate Change Act sets an achievable goal for 2024: for 35 percent of the electricity generated in Mexico to be obtained from clean energy sources.

He trusted that this goal would be achieved before the deadline.

The President said the photovoltaic power station will permit the generation of electricity for the municipality of La Paz energy, and hoped that it would be, “A successful model that can be replicated in other parts of the country.”

He thanked investors in the project, “For having confidence in the present and future development that our country envisages, for taking the risk and supporting this project to generate clean energy for Mexico”.

“Large investments will be looking around the world for places where they can find cheaper inputs, one of the most important of which is undoubtedly energy. Hence the importance of Mexico not being left behind in this objective and not lagging behind the rest of the world,” he stressed.

For his part, State governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor said the investment in the photovoltaic power station in La Paz, “Is a clear sign that Energy Reform is worth it,” because it will provide a new dynamic for the whole country.

He thanked President Peña Nieto for the Federal Government’s support, which has enabled the state government to satisfy the demands of the residents of Baja California Sur.

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