Paintball has come to El Centenario!

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By Dhorea Ryon

In Canada I was very familiar with the lumps and bumps of paintball.  I lived with someone who loved the game.  Almost every weekend, before the old lumps could heal, new ones would appear.

Men and women of all ages play paintball in many countries. It is a combination of tag and hide and seek but more challenging. Normally the number of players on each team is limited by the size of the playing area.   The object is to eliminate members of the other team by hitting them with a small paint pellet shot from a special “paint gun”. You must be able to think quickly and decisively.  Speed and agility are also important.

Rodolfo Camacho Casares has opened “Gotcha” a very popular paintball camp on the highway in El Centenario . You can’t miss the location. Even though their office is painted camouflage and black, it stands out as something very different. Behind the office through the protective netting you can see the many “forts” that have been built from wooden palettes.  The combatants run from fort to fort trying to hit a member of the opposing team. It is a matter of elimination. The team with “the last man standing ” wins the game.

“Gotcha” only has enough rifles, facemasks, helmets and padded vests for ten people, so you are restricted to five people or less per team unless you have your own equipment.  You pay either 170 or 230 pesos, the former being for a replica semi-automatic rifle, protective clothing, mask, helmet and one hundred and fifty balls.  Paying the greater amount gets you exactly the same equipment but the rifle is a fully automatic. Regardless which you choose, these rifles look intimidating.

If this sounds exciting to you call employee Jonathan Jesus Sanchez Rodriguez for a reservation.  You are welcome to bring your own team or go as an individual. Gotcha is open Mondays to Fridays 12 – 6p.m. and Saturday and Sundays 9am to 6 pm. 612 153 1779.

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