Festival del Chile y la Fresa

El Pescadero 5th Annual Chili & Strawberry Festival

El Pescadero 5th Annual Chili & Strawberry Festival takes place Saturday, April 12th and Sunday, April 13. Events will start on both days at 8:00 in the morning and continue all day.

Four successful years in a row with last year a new dedicated location on the main road into Pescadero has made for a very well organized event. This venue promotes El Pescadero and local livelihoods–mainly agriculture based.

El Pescadero is known for strawberries and chilies–Poblano (chili rellenos type) and organic produce that ships around the world. Booths of premium produce, plants are for sale at minimal prices or gratis. Agriculture related equipment, materials & products are displayed. The various Barrios and surrounding Ranchos participate by hosting booths displaying & selling their base products and bi-products. No festival is complete without the Saturday night dance with by far the largest attendance of the two day event.