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Cruise Tourism Has Grown In La Paz, BCS

La Paz remains the ideal port of call for visitors


La Paz has just finished the cruise tourism season and according to local officials, the city remains the ideal location visited by cruising tourists. The cities Department of Tourism said that with the arrival of eight mega cruise ships over the last few months, including two new arrivals of both the Crown Princess and Golden Princess from the cruise line Princess Cruises, La Paz is becoming a favorite port of call.

The municipal department said that approximately thirty thousand tourists, including both passengers and crew from the eight cruises have arrived to the capital of BCS. Travelers leave money behind when they venture off in their port of call. With eight mega cruises making a port of call at the Pichilingue terminal in La Paz during the 2014-2015 season, officials say cruisers have left a considerable economic benefit to the downtown area.

However, what is also attractive among the cruiser population is that once they have visited BCS while on a cruise vacation, they often return to visit on their own. Return business in the future from charmed cruisers is always an added possibility.

The tourism department stressed that the cruise line Princess Cruises have demonstrated their confidence in La Paz, reaffirming that the city remains an excellent choice for their clients to visit and enjoy. The municipal department will continue their work to prepare for the next cruise season which will begin on September 27, 2015 with the mega cruise ship Crown Princess and the first time arrival of Pacific Princess on December 13.

City officials mentioned that great effort and coordination is involved to receive cruises. Several governmental departments, including ZOFEMAT, Civil Protection and Traffic Police, Municipal Culture and Municipal Tourism are all areas of the City working together with the cruise lines and local business people to provide excellent care and service to visitors.

With cruise vacations and cruise lines having a positive economical impact not only within the tourism sector but in other sectors of the economy as well, tourism officials will continue to promote La Paz to the cruise line industry as the economical benefits enjoyed by businesses, services and restaurants in the state is too great to let it pass by.