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By Linda Jackson

For those who love the Pacific-side of Baja California Sur, with its kinder summer climate and its wave and breeze-filled energy, for those who are disenchanted with the increasing urban sprawl (or at least want to hold it at bay for a few years) yet still want to retain reasonable access to modern convenience and international travel options – take a look northwards!

Local residents have taken to calling (rather unimaginatively) the stretch of coast extending from north of Todos Santos some 90 miles up the Pacific coast to Bahia Magdalena, the mid-Pacific Coast. The mid-Pacific is a beautiful off-the-beaten-track sort of place, sparsely populated with a couple of villages, small market gardens, fish camps and old family ranches producing beef, lamb and cheeses. The open Pacific beaches sweep from point to point and are pristine, rarely visited except for the odd fisherman.

The mid-Pacific coast offers its residents a huge playground to hike and explore, the best surfing in Baja California Sur (Punta Conejo), windsurfing at Punta Marquez, blue water game fishing out on the Lusitania Banks with great fly-fishing on the sheltered points and the mangroves of southern Bahia Magdalena. There is not a single restaurant or hotel on the coastal road between Todos Santos and San Carlos (160 miles). The charm of the area is its wild, unspoiled beauty.

The Mid-Pacific Coast has a comfortable year-round climate: years of weather station observations show summer temps are easily 10 to 15F degrees cooler than La Paz.  It’s also far less humid with refreshing sea breezes to keep it that way.  So different from La Paz where the brutal heat and humidity drive so many people to escape during the summer months!

An hour north of downtown La Paz and the airport, there is easy paved access to the village of Conquista Agraria; a further 15 minutes of gravel road (see map), brings you to Rancho la Aguja, an old Baja ranch situated in the peaceful arroyo valley. In the north of the ranch there are elevated plains that gradually slope down to stunning Pacific beaches, and here you will find Playas Pacificas, a secure coastal residential community in a peaceful rural environment.

This small beachfront development offers secure, serviced properties in a spectacular setting. The natural beauty of the area has been preserved by combining large lots with green, reserve zones, creating a low-density environment with lots of open space. You will not be elbow-to-elbow with your neighbor here! A custom home construction partnership, complete with onsite worker accommodation and catering, offers high-quality turnkey homes to your design.

There are many activities for all ages:  swimming, boogie-boarding, surfing, fishing, hiking, walking on the beach, bird-watching, exploring the back country, and star gazing – the night sky here is amazing! And watching the full moon rise over the mesa is breathtaking.  Or simply relax on the one consistently safe, swimmable beach in the entire region!

To get to Playas, drive out the newly paved road branching off of the trans-peninsular highway north of La Paz at kilometer 38. This is the narrowest part of the Baja peninsula and the coast is easily accessible – about a 1-hour drive from La Paz.  See the area map on our website for detailed directions.

Find out more about Playas Pacificas at or send any questions to – we live here, and will answer promptly or, at your option, refer you to one of our AMPI real estate agents, who have a thorough knowledge of the property.

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