Nobody Should have to Sleep on the Floor

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Sheryl Hamilton
La Paz Gringos, or LPG has been feverishly trying to round up funds and donations to buy mattresses and bedding for some very needy families in the colonias around the outskirts of La Paz.
If you or friends are updating your bedding, please contact Sheryl Hamilton or Al Marchand so that they can arrange for pick-up (if needed) and distribution to the families.  Mattresses can also be dropped off at the Marina La Paz office for storage until delivery can be arranged.
Thanks to the efforts of Sean Bagg of Lands End Realty, San Diego Furniture is now aware of the program and will be setting aside all used mattresses they pick up from their customers.  This is the kind of initiative that will help get the business community involved and hopefully enable us to provide mattresses to families in many of the colonias.  Awareness is half the battle, so please keep this information handy for future reference, and help us spread the word to other realtors, property managers, hotel owners, furniture stores, interior designers etc — i.e. anyone who may be in a position to help.
The first 2 mattresses have been delivered today to families in Vista Hermosa thanks to Robert Refro, Al Marchand and Barbara Spencer. Thanks to everyone for helping out

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