New Public Mural Emphasizes Values ​​and Riches of Sudcalifornianos

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With the support of the program “Urban Runway” that is coordinated by the La Paz Municipal Cultural Department under the direction of Matilde Cervantes Navarrete since 2011, muralist Juan Manuel Velazquez Lopez has developed and painted a detailed and colorful mural. The new mural is located behind the Niños Héroes monument at the end of the Boulevard 5 de Febrero in the Colonia El Manglito.

The objective of the “Urban Runway” program is to save public spaces and create a better image in the colonies and other strategic parts of the city.  The program is trying to create a consciousness in the people and children of La Paz that public spaces belong to them and that they must be maintained, cleaned and respected with positive actions.

Velazquez Lopez said that his mural is approximately 20 meters long and 2 meters tall. He said this recently created space was used to capture various forms of marine and terrestrial life, as well as general aspects of daily life in the capital city. He highlighted the sunsets we enjoy, that have become representative of La Paz.

The muralist explained that his work attempts to highlight our natural resources, work, taking care of water, freedom, respect for human thought and ideologies of man which he expressed by using hands making movement in waves.

He noted that in order to complete this mural he used mixed techniques based on aerosol and paint brushes and required about ten days, working on an average of 7-11 hours a day.  He hopes that in achieving his end result the mural will now be for the enjoyment of all citizens visiting and circulating in this popular colonia.

Artist Juan Manuel Velázquez López has also done public murals in other colonias including Diana Laura, El Pedregal, the downtown area of La Paz and the public park “Birds and Stones” as well as in Los Planes. He feels that his latest mural in El Manglito is one of his best and hopes that people circulating in the area enjoy his work of art.

With the help of other local artists, the “Urban Runway” program hopes to conserve more public spaces and protect the environment.  Creating a culture of recycling and general protection of public spaces is a group effort. A respect of public spaces and the commitment to conserve and protect these spaces have been planted in the minds of many and the municipality hopes to see the program continue.

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