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German Style Grill

After much anticipation the German grill finally opened!

It qualifies for The Baja Citizen’s restaurant review since our prime directive is to encourage the small chef/owner who makes efforts at greatness. They truly deserve the support of the community.

It is run by a German ex-pat name Oliver Heldt who is from Küln (Cologne).

That city is renowned for its remarkable wealth of places to eat and drink. It has

Germany´s highest ratio of bars to people as well as first-rate restaurants. Authentic German sausage and beer is as natural to this guy as tacos and beer are for Mexicans. Fasten your seat belts and hang on, we are going in!

The restaurant:

Upon entering Baja Wurst you find yourself in a pleasant, modern, airy little restaurant. There is the open kitchen area with a bar to order and take out orders with an adjacent small dining room. There are tables outside as well.The bathrooms are tucked in the back. The place is clean. We like clean.

The owner who is friendly and hospitable and genuinely cares that you have a pleasant meal. He stands at the grill and there is a waitress who also helps with the grill and everything else. It is a “All hands on deck” kind of place!

The food:

We ordered a sample of all 3 sausages on the menu. A Schübling, a Weib Wurst and a Cervela. 32 to 35 pesos each. Incredible deal. They are large sausages, split open and grilled. Served in a basket cut into pieces with some bread slices. German mustard on the side to dip.

The Schübling is a nice light pink fluffy sausage, kind of like a hot dog as we know it but with a softer texture. It is made with beef and pork. You find yourself going for more and more. Just can’t stop.

It is light years away in a different galaxy from the bacon wrapped dense, salty, greasy, mass produced red #5 sodium rocket that people ingest on street corners!

The Weib Wurst is a white veal based sausage. That was my favorite. I LOVE white sausage! It is sweeter than the others, super light texture and flavor. I could not stop eating that one either. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The Cervela is also made of beef and pork. That one is more body, is a bit saltier (just right) and with a crunchier skin. Absolute sausage perfection.

The sausages are made by a special provider in Mexico City but production will be taking place in La Paz as soon as 2014. That’s always good news, job creation, freshness and advances in local gastronomy.

We were served a side of grilled pita and Tzatziki sauce (a yoghurt, fresh dill and onion dip). There is a large population of Turks in Germany and their culinary ways have been adopted by Germans. The dip was tangy and the best I have had in Baja.

I also got to sample his potato salad. German style, Nice change from the usual clumpy mayonnaise special! Very good light bodied salad.

On the menu one can order individual sausages or get them made into a hot-dog with all the toppings. They have combinations to share for 2 or 4 people.

The salad is organic Romaine with a home made vinaigrette. Absolute pleasure in a wasteland of tasteless naked iceberg. It is nice to see that more and more places serve real salad.

They serve Döner which is also Turkish in origin. It consists or grilled meat (lamb or beef) wrapped in pita with Tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber. I’ll have to go back for that one.

Oliver often offers specials, I had heard about a succulent Sauerkraut…Keep an eye out for that.

Beer and wine:

They offer real German beer of course with a selection of local beers as well. The choice of the two German beers are a brown beer named “Köstritzer” similar to Negra Modelo and a light color Pilsner named “Bitburger”. They did not have wines when I went but Oliver welcomes people with their own wine at a 50 peso corkage fee and said that he will have wine in stock starting this week.

It is the kind of place where you can go alone shall you find yourself with a sausage emergency craving and feel welcomed like family. Chit chat with Oliver while waiting for your order. He makes you feel welcomed.

He has reinvented the hot dog…unless…as I suspect, Germans always knew what a real hot dog should be like.

Address: On 5 de Febrero between Dominguez and Abasolo (church side). 122-2637

Open from 2PM to 10PM. Closed Mondays.

Parking is on the street.

*Check out their Facebook page, it is quite informative. History of sausages, events, etc…They cater and have information about what they do with their catering “stand”.

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