New Municipality Office Opens at Madero Market to Collect Your Money!

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New Municipality Office Opens at Madero Market


Paying your traffic tickets and property taxes just got a little bit easier for those living downtown.

Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran has inaugurated a Municipality of La Paz office at Madero Market to collect the City’s money.  The Mayor commented that the Madero Market is a central and strategic point in the city where public transportation arrives and many contributors circulate.  Residents of La Paz are invited to pay their bills with the city at the office at Madero Market if it is more convenient.

The Madero Market is located on the corner of Calle Revolucion and Degollado.

Bills and taxes that can be paid at the new office include property taxes, traffic fines, commercial garbage collection and rents at the municipal markets or public spaces used by street vendors.

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