New Municipal Center for the Arts Approved

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Dulce Karina and friendsLa Paz has just been approved to receive federal funds to support the creation of a municipal center to promote arts and culture.

With the investment of over 7 million pesos, the construction of the Municipal Center for the Arts of La Paz will not only detonate cultural development in the city but also in the entire state, said the Director of the Institute of Cultural for the municipality of La Paz, Matilde Cervantes Navarrete.

News of the grant was received by the city last week from the national coordinator of the Program to Support Cultural Infrastructure in States and Municipalities (PAICE).  Cervantes Navarrete said the news is very encouraging as it allows the Institute to continue to promote artistic creation and development in the municipality.

Cervantes Navarrete said that the Municipal Center for the Arts of La Paz is one of the almost 80 centers that were approved in all of Mexico this year. She also said the new center will be the first of its kind in Baja California Sur and in fact, there doesn’t exist anything at the moment in the state that is dedicated exclusively for the promotion and training of arts and culture.

The Director also said that it is the interest of Mayor Esthela Ponce to firmly support the need for paceños to count on better infrastructure to promote arts and culture in La Paz. With the new facility, which will be located in El Dorado, a neighbourhood located south of the city, the community can dedicate more effort towards training in dance, visual arts, music and theatre as well as the creation of more literature and the marketing of other disciplines.

According to Cervantes Navarrete, the programmed funds for the first stage will be just over 7 million pesos with 46% of that coming from the municipality and the remaining money covered by the federal government. All government financial resources will be going to the construction of the cultural center which will have an area of 2 600 square meters.  Once construction is completed, the center will be home to rooms specially designed for music classes, two classrooms with mirrors for dance instruction and theater, rooms for visual arts training, a multimedia center as well as a large venue for entertainment and performances.

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